Friday, March 12, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

I've been busy the past week giving my boys' bathroom a much needed makeover. Actually this project was a result of more of a necessity than a whim. My little boys take a lot of baths!! And of course, as with everything, they are rough and tumble and more water ends up out of the tub than in the tub. Well, as hard as I try to mop it up, I was noticing that the drywall was starting to look funny in the corners by the tub, and I noticed the starts of mold under the baseboards. Uh oh!! This was a problem! Unfortunately the builder for whatever reason didn't use the moisture resistant drywall, sometimes referred to as "greenboard", anywhere in the bathroom! Nor was the drywall properly caulked and sealed to prevent water from getting back behind the drywall to the wall boards. The thought of gutting the entire bathroom was daunting, not to mention a bit beyond the small budget we had set. In the end we decided to just replace the lower walls with greenboard. Our walls all have a sprayed texture and rather than deal with the hassle of trying to match the texture, we decided to install beadboard wainscot over the new greenboard. I think it actually turned out pretty cute! And the best part... it was a super easy project and was fairly inexpensive! :) .

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