Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Refreshment on a Hot summer day!

Summer it seems is officially here! Hot weather is not unusual for our part of our state. Most years in fact the hot temps begin as early as April and continue on through September... day after day we enjoy nothing but blue sunny skies! This year our spring was exceptionally cool and it actually rained all the way through May. June was blue skies, and very mild temps... again very unusual for our part of the state. But then July rolled around and with it, the extreme triple digit temps that are so typical here. Thankfully we don't have the humidity that many of you experience, but still, triple digits is still triple digits, and that is just HOT!!

I thought I'd share a few pictures today that are cool and refreshing!
These were actually taken by my brother who was visiting from out of state this past May. This is Burney Falls. Burney is a small quaint mountain town very near where we live, here in beautiful N. California.

Ah... I feel cooler already!!


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  1. Yes yes!! thanks.......just what i needed!! it's hot here in holland..........well 31 degrees today !!......your pictures today that are cool and refreshing!!!

    Thanks ! love.........Ria......