Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kitchen Makeover Part 2

I'm going to share the second part of my ongoing kitchen makeover today. As I mentioned in my last post, for Mother's Day this year, my sweet husband announced that he was taking me to one of my most favorite places to shop!!
Lowes!! Whoo Hoo!!
Does my hubby know what makes this gal happy or what??!! I knew exactly what I wanted, so it was a very fun quick little trip!!

My Mother's Day gifts... a new LONGER hose for my air compressor!! The old one was had a leak and so my air compressor wasn't holding air :( Not good!
A tube of liquid nails... I've decided this is a MUST HAVE in all remodel projects! And 4 packages of beadboard!! How fun is this??!!

It took me two days to prime, paint and install the beadboard (of course not without help from three little people).
Here's my Mother's Day gift now!

What a difference. As you may have noticed in my "before" picture in my last post, the walls were all textured and painted over drywall. No matter how hard I tried, I could never seem to get the walls really clean. The dirt and grease and grim would get embedded in that wall texture and was impossible to wipe completely out... especially behind the stove! I had read a lot of the pros and cons of having a beadboard backsplash, and I finally decided that the pros out weighed the cons. I used a semi gloss paint on the backsplash, and I love how easy it is to wipe the beadboard clean!

I decided to wrap my beadboard into my window, and I added a cute little shelf molding at the top. I love how it looks!

Price so far for my kitchen makeover:
Beadboard on base cabinets $20
Beadboard backsplash $40
Liquid nails $2
1 Gallon Behr Semi Gloss paint $25
Electrical box extenders $5
Total cost thus far $92!!
I love that for little money my kitchen has been given such a dramatic new look!


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