Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Peek Inside...

Thank you all for you nice comments on my last post. This is actually one of several barbie houses that I've made over the years. And for those that wanted to see the inside, I can only show you pre-furnished, as I have since sold the house. You can see interior pictures, more exterior details and a few of the other houses I've made by clicking HERE

Although I never intended this blog to be about Barbie houses per se... Actually I'm still trying to figure out what EXACTLY my blog is about :). For now it's eclectic some of this and some of that, and whatever else happens to strike my fancy on any particular day!!

But since I am on the subject of dollhouses, I am currently about half way done with another that I intend to sell. This one is loaded with fancy trim work!! Am I nuts... probably. But it's worth the aching back after hours of scroll saw cutting to see the finished product on these pretty houses. Or at least I think that is what makes them truly special. Come for a visit tomorrow and I'll share a few sneak peaks at my latest work in process.
Thanks for stopping by!

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