Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A New Perspective

Four years ago today my husband received a life saving kidney transplant. It was his second transplant in 9 months. The first of which only lasted about 24 hours before his body rejected it and it had to be removed 5 days later. So much has happened in these past four years. A lot of ups and downs, and struggles as we adjusted to life post-transplant. Somedays I find it hard to believe that it's really been four years! God in His mercy and kindness has proven His sovereignty over and over again in and through our circumstance. There was a time that I considered my husband's kidney failure and kidney disease to be the worse thing that could ever happen to our young family. Today I see it as possibly the biggest blessing of our lives. God is good, and He has shown us undeserved mercy and grace. Whether we are blessed with another four years, or forty, each day is a gift, that grows sweeter with time. It was God in His sovereignty that has placed me upon this earth at this time, in this marriage to my Mr. A Garden of Roses, and I know that my life is a tool in the hand of the Redeemer for the glory of Christ and His gospel.
Blessings to you on this day which the Lord has made!

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